Frequently Asked Questions

If on the day, we want to make an additional trip or go to a different destination, will there be an additional cost?

Yes.  All pricing is based on your booked contract, from the information you have provided us.  Should you make changes on your day, extra fees may be incurred as per the price list or toll inclusions.

What happens after I have paid my final outstanding payment?

Full payment is due 2 weeks before your event.  It is advisable to contact us prior to your event so we can confirm your day.  If we do not hear from you, we will assume that there are no changes to be made and follow your instructions based on the agreement between us,

What happens if we must move or cancel our reservation?

All security deposits are non-refundable if you cancel or reschedule within two weeks of the contract date.  If cancellation and changes are made prior to the two-week period, 50% of the security deposit is refundable.  Please refer to the Contract for further details.  Rescheduling is possible pending availability.

Do you service outside Sapphire Coast and Thredbo area?

Yes, so please contact us if your destination is outside Sapphire Coast and Thredbo area to determine any extra cost involved in travelling to your area or venue.

Is smoking permitted in vehicles?

No, all vehicles are non-smoking.

Can we drink alcohol or beverages and eat in the vehicles?

No, drinking or eating is not allowed in any vehicles.  This is to maintain the highest quality and standards of our cars for your comfort.

Can we bring luggage/items along?

Yes, a limited amount can be carried in the trunk as well as with the Chauffeur.

Will there be opportunities for photographs?

Yes of course, the hours you book the vehicle is your time and we will accommodate all requests to give our guests an opportunity to enjoy the vehicle.

Can I drive the car?

We have professional chauffeurs to drive you so that you can enjoy the experience. No clients are allowed to drive any of the car fleet.

What assistance do I get from the Chauffeur?

Your Chauffeur is attentive and will assist to your entry and exits from our cars, arrange the wedding dress, serve Champagne/water, hold the umbrella for the Bride if needed and assist in any other way required to make your experience pleasant.

How can I expect the Chauffeur to be dressed?

We keep to classic English period attire with a Chauffeur’s hat, black suit, white or black shirt, tie and vest.

In a worse-case scenario, what if the car becomes unserviceable or breaks down before the event?

We hope this situation does not occur, however vehicles as we all know can break down or need unscheduled repairs despite all the care lavished upon them. If your car is unable to carry out the wedding and the problem manifests itself prior to your wedding day you will be informed immediately and will be offered another vehicle from those available.

If you are not happy with any of the cars offered as a replacement a suitable car from other reputable companies will be sought and if successful, all monies paid will be returned so you can enter a new arrangement with the other company. Please bear in mind that if the original car booked is a classic vintage car, the chances of finding a similar car of unique character or specific colour may prove unachievable at short notice.

Can children under the age of 6 travel in the cars?

Children under 6 must be seated in child restraint seats in the rear of any vehicle. Please note not all our vehicles have seat belts, therefore you must take into account you may be required to make other travel arrangements for the little ones. Where seat belts are fitted you must supply your own child restrain seat.


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